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WSPA member society, SLAWS (Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society), work in Freetown on dog management. Following the civil war, where many dogs were abandoned, Freetown has one of the highest densities of roaming dogs in Africa. SLAWS provide low cost or free vaccination, treatment and sterilisation services through their static and outreach clinics. Many of the roaming dogs are owned so a large part of the project is sensitising and educating owners on their responsibility, this is especially important as children are the principle carers of dogs. Most significant change stories (MSC): SLAWS staff were tipped off about puppies on the street and went to the location to investigate. They found 2 female dogs and 8 puppies living under a car. Ifor, a local man, explained that people had left some food for them but nobody could take them in. Teddy and Mohamed caught some of the puppies and took them to the clinic for vaccinations and treatment (pictured), and they were re-homed. They aim to go back a few weeks later to catch and sterilise the females, so that the local community would be more likely to take them in.